My Jamaica Vignette #4: Yuh Know Granfadda

“Grandfadda, daddy wutliss yuh know. De man a go call me an’ seh how mummy fe tek up har self an lef we by we self. An’ me tell de man seh him caan pree de ting so. She a try hard hard fe betta herself an’ we. Yuh know Granfadda, me fine de man pan Facebook. Facebook. Yuh know ‘im nuh come look fe we since oh-five. Shayshay no memba ‘im, yu know Granfadda, me sen’ de man some pikcha a de tree a we ‘cause is a big disgrace if one day we deh pan de street an’ pass we one annodda an’ nuh know. An’ yuh know Granfadda de man no sen’ back nuh pikcha. Ow daddy stay suh man? ‘im jus nuh business ‘bout we. See school start an’ not een dolla ‘im sen’ ‘im no know if we eat, drink, ave clothes ar nutten an de man a go come she ow mummy tek up har self an gaan a fareen lef we. Yuh know Granfadda, Sashaneque still a run dem buy har an she gaan up a ________ she start las week, de ooman just come een an’ she me only ave a minute, Granfadda me an’ yuh we talk nex week…” 


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