Reading Challenge 2015: Book 7 of 52, Divine Evil by Nora Roberts

The seventh book I completed this year is Divine Evil by Nora Roberts.

Divine Evil has  graphic descriptions of violence against women:  rape, other forms of sexual violence, blood, gore and death. The driver of the tale is a small town sect practicing Satanism.  The novel may not appeal to a large set of persons.

Not sure how I ended up with this book. I do not remember selecting it but it is in my e-reader. This is an old book, first published in 1992. Nora Roberts is hit or miss for me. I struggled with selecting a category to check the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge.  I considered mystery or thriller but the publication won the RITA Awards for best romantic suspense. There is no mystery very early in you know or can guess who the main perpetrators are.   I have settled on book by female author even though close to 90% of the books I’m likely to read or have read will be by women writers.

Grew up reading Nora Roberts, my aunts love her mystery/crime thriller romance mix. For me not so much…I enjoyed the first three or so books of the In Death series, then it got dull.

I see Goodreads reviews where persons have criticized the ending. I liked that bit at the end. I really liked this Nora Roberts book. I enjoyed reading this one, the story kept going and flowed. It was an entertaining story.


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