Reading Challenge 2015: Book 8 of 52, The Cellar by Natasha Preston

Book eight is “The Cellar”,  a mystery/thriller by Natasha Preston. 

I found this book through wattpad so I didn’t read the final version. I hope that with editing and professional proofing the errors in spelling, grammar and the repetition were eliminated.  Congratulations to Natasha Preston on publishing, with time, practice and professional editorial support your narratives in this series will improve.


The story concept appealed to me.  I enjoy mystery/thrillers. I am a fan of true crime narratives but this story did not meet my expectations. I wanted the four women to fight back and rescue themselves.

This aside I appreciated the multiple point of views. However, I believe this device was under utilised.  I hoped that the perspective of the other young women would have been included. Summer’s voice for the most part added little to plot development and became static and repetitive. Maybe book two in the series will broaden to the scope. 


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