Reading Challenge 2015: Books 9,10 & 11: High Witch trilogy by Mona Hanna

Books 8,9 and 10 are the High Witch series by Mona Hanna. Finally got to check off my trilogy in the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

Found this series on Wattpad and decided to get them on Kindle. I got a Kindle bundle with the first two books. The bundle has four books, two of which are part of a separate series known as the Prentor books. I thought that bundle had all three High Witch books when I made the initial purchase. That was disappointing and I got the third separately.  

The three novellas tell the story of Ariel and Halle who are high witches (stronger than the average witch) as they explore their powers and build their coven . The society they live have witches and warlocks who are discriminated against by the none magic community. The books are short but it took me a while to read them. The books are in the fantasy/romance genre and on very few pages you will find the couples saying “I love you and I love you toos.” 

The books are my third attempt at reading a trilogy. I could not finish:  

The Mara Dyers trilogy by Michelle Hodkin

Remember Me by Christopher Pike 


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