Reading Challenge 2015: Book 19/52: Two For The Dough (Stephanie Plum # 2) by Janet Evanovich

Book 19 is Two For the Dough (Stephanie Plum # 2) by Janet Evanovich

For the Popsugar Reading Challenge, this is my funny book. And I did laugh. I laughed out loud. Very entertaining. I love Stephanie Plum’s grandmother, Grandma Mazur is hilarious. 

Goodreads synopsis: 

Stephanie Plum, New Jersey’s “fugitive apprehension” agent (aka bounty hunter), introduced to the world by Janet Evanovich in the award-winning novel One for the Money.  Stephanie is  back, armed with attitude – not to mention stun guns, defense sprays, killer flashlights, and her trusty .38, Stephanie is after a new bail jumper, Kenny Mancuso, a boy from Trenton’s burg.

The Stephanie Plum series began in 1994 and is ongoing. I think I have 21 of the Stephanie Plum books in an ebook bundle.  

Book 22 is slated to be released in November 2015. I doubt I will read all the books.  In my experience after book seven, series tend to become repetitive. Sometime later I think I’ll read book three and see how I feel about continuing the series.. 


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