Reading Challenge 2015: Book 21/52: Murder To Go (Food Truck Mysteries Series #1) by Chloe Kendrick

Book 21, Murder to Go by Chloe Kendrick is a cozy mystery, the heroine, Maeve Kinkaid inherits the popular food truck, Dogs on the Roll, from her aunt Alice. Maeve takes on the role of amateur sleuth and gets involved in the investigation of a series of murders and vandalism. Someone is killing in the close knitted food truck business. Maeve doesn’t necessary solve the mystery but tumbles into the solution. 


I liked this book for the most part, I could not guess who the killers were but I felt it simply ended, there was little build up and no wrapping up.  The killers’ identity was revealed and then the book ended. I got this as a free Kindle book, and I may revisit the series at a later date. 

There are three books so far: Murder to Go; Murder in the Spotlight and Leftovers.

I got this book because I liked the cover, so for the Popsugar reading challenge this is the  book that I read based entirely on the cover. I have been looking at illustrated covers, almost animation inspired looks because that is what I have been playing around with for my book cover ideas.


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