Diary of A Motherless Child (Flash Fiction Series) by Chantel DaCosta

of a Motherless Child


thirteen of Mommy being gone. Daddy gave me a book, “Grieving The Death of A
Mother” by Harold Ivan Smith. I can’t read it. I tried to. I am sure Mr. Smith
did his best to write the book and meant well but I opened it and read the
first line of the introduction.

I feel like motherless child…A long way from home”- African American Proverb


was all I could read before I cried again. I shut myself in the basement
bathroom near Mommy’s study and cried so Daddy wouldn’t hear me. I will always
feel motherless. I will always be a motherless child. The only thing is that
unlike the African Americans in Mr. Smith’s story I am always home. Since
Mommy’s funeral I have not left the house. Daddy said I am to sit out the rest
of the school term.

disagreed with him and they argued. Mamma thinks I should return to my regular
schedule as soon as possible. Mamma said I will be depressed or worse get
wutliss and lazy.

I wish
to go to school I miss Tess and Roxanne. I miss school. I even miss Mrs Tomlinson’s
slow drawl the way she stretches every word making them sentences in

But no
school I sit here watching the purple and green vase with the dying flowers
until my eyes turn inwards.

Copyright © 2015, Chantel DaCosta


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