Entry Two: Diary of a Motherless Child (flash fiction series) by Chantel DaCosta


is the end of the third week since Diane came to us and day 43 since mummy has
been passed on. Diane is earlier than the other girls and Daddy likes this
about her. He gave her a key last Thursday so she can let herself in at crack
of dawn. Mama didn’t like this idea.  Some strange woman opening up the
house like she own it at the crack of dawn every morning. And Mama pointed out
that the girl, (Mama doesn’t call Diane by her name) might bring her people
into the house when we are not home. Mama said she would take responsibility
for opening up in the mornings. 


Daddy kiss his teeth and walked away. Its two
days since that talk in the kitchen and Diane still has a key. The entire time
they talked I sat quietly and ate my breakfast while Diane in impossible
quietude washed pots and pans at the sink.  Quietude is my word of the
day. I used it in a real sentence. My alarm just went off its 6:45 and I can
smell sizzling bacon slices and hear the blender buzzing. Diane can make in 20
minutes every morning what Mommy could only do on a Sunday after all Sunday
prepping and cussing. 

Copyright © 2015, Chantel DaCosta


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