(Entry Four) Diary of a Motherless Child (flash fiction series) by Chantel DaCosta

Dear Diary:

I told Diane about feeling Mommy in my room. I knew Diane would believe
me. But she told me not to tell Daddy or Mamma. Diane got really serious after
I told about hearing Mommy humming,  Yesterday Diane gave me a special oil mix that
I should apply every time I showered — coconut oil, tea tree oil, and
something else, something sickly sweet and sticky that makes  me feel sleepy, she won’t say what this is. 


Diane also makes me say a
special prayer, at breakfast with her, and at midday and before bed. The first
day I had to recite it over and over like a chant until I know it:

My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom
I trust deliver me from the snare

Of deadly pestilence.

Cover me under your wings,

I fear not the terror of the night,

I fear not the pestilence that stalks in
darkness, nor the destruction that waits at noonday

In the Lord’s dwelling place I take

His Angels are commanded to protect me
with long life

I will honour the Lord my God and show him
my salvation.



took me a while to know the prayer in full but I know it now. I asked Diane what
are pestilence but she wouldn’t answer. It sounds like pests and I think of
mosquitoes and ants but I want to hear and smell Mommy again.    

Copyright © 2015, Chantel DaCosta


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