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make you a Facebook account.” Her suggestion was completely unexpected.

I asked. I was pretty technologically inept. I had a laptop only because Angela
had insisted I purchase one. I was also set up with internet and an e-mail
address, which I hardly ever used, and then of course there was my blog. I
could Google with the best of them, but things like Facebook, Twitter, and
Google+ were foreign to me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be sucked into the bog of
social networking.

you haven’t done anything new today and time is running out,” she said, trying
to convince me.

shook my head. “You’re right, I haven’t done anything new today, and I’m well
aware time is running out. You don’t need to remind me,” I conceded as I looked
at my watch. It was almost midnight. “But I can’t see myself using a Facebook

ho.” Angela grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the couch. “Never say never,
my friend.”

snatched my laptop from off the coffee table, flipped it open, and hit the on
button. Swiftly, with no thought at all, Angela opened the internet browser,
and then plugged in the URL for Facebook.

what’s your e-mail address?”

shrugged my shoulders, not wanting to answer. “I’m not so sure this is such a
good idea.”

sighed heavily, thought for a moment, and began typing. With each field she
completed, I felt as though she were signing my life away, and every little
detail of it was being shipped out to cyberspace.

she said at last. “All you need is a password, and you’re all set.”

The setup had been too easy. I leaned over and typed in a password I hoped I’d

I knew it, I had my very own Facebook account. If I had known what having this
account was going to do to me, I would have cancelled it the moment Angela
walked out the door shortly after midnight. Instead, I was sucked into its
appeal of instant gratification, and it became my new addiction. 

– Except From “Welcome to Facebook: November 18, Newvember by Jennifer Bogart 

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