Stay by Chantel DaCosta

I am afraid all the time. Creaks and screeches,
hisses in the dark. That man over there leering at me, the dark blue van just
up ahead that could conceal a murderer or worst. I am terrified all the time,
afraid of this big and small – croaking lizards, bouncing brown canines. These
all make me cringe, but being abandoned, even the thought of you leaving,
cripples me. 

Turning to the warmth and safety of you. My eyes are still
closed. I must inhale you deeper. Upright. Awakened. I watched you sleep and
wished somehow I could magically shrink you – pocket-sized – and keep you with
me but no, that wouldn’t be enough. I want you to choose to be

with me. I want you to stay.  


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