Entry 6: Diary of a Motherless Child (flash fiction series) by Chantel DaCosta

Mamma and Daddy are shouting
at each other again.

At dinner Mamma told Daddy
about the oil Diane gave me. Mamma said it must be some type of obeah oil. That
made Daddy laugh, he laughed and laughed. Not a happy laugh, this is so funny
but he laughed at Mama and said that Mamma was getting worse as each day goes
by. Mamma got made and she said she would leave and go back to her house. Mamma
said she was here to help and that if Daddy didn’t want her she would leave.
Daddy said he didn’t invite her to the house. They started shouting at each

Yesterday I asked Daddy when I
can go back to school. He said no. Again. He said no again. Tomorrow Diane
promised to take me to see a movie and I called Tess and she said she would ask
her mother if she could come too. I do hope Mrs. Gibbs says yes. I haven’t seen
Tess in forever.


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