Adulting Christmas

This is my first Christmas in my apartment and I am excited. (I have lived in this flat for over five years). Before now, I have never had any desire to be in the city for the holidays. Christmas is synonymous with family and my family are in the country.   But this year is different. This year, I am connected to someone who is my best friend, my partner, my confidante, my critic, my cheerleader, my family. And so this year I am adulting Christmas.

Christmas is here. Shopping centres are littered with pine trees that sting the eyes and burn the nose.  Christmas carols are blared in shops, in taxies, and on buses. Houses are decked out in twinkling  lights.  These stringed orbs are strung around verandahs, porches, shrubs and faux wreaths are tacked on doors.  

All around this special season is pulsing. The Jamaican Christmas is enriched with scrumptious food, baking, eating and exchanging puddings, indulging libations of rum sorrel, rum punch and rum-egg nog. Christmas is the time for office parties and get togethers, reconnecting with friends and family visits.

For the first time in my life, I am fully responsible for planning my Christmas activities. I am busy.  I am planning dinner menus, writing grocery lists and coordinating shopping trips. I am looking forward to fun-filled days of cooking and baking.

This adult Christmas represents a significant shift in my journey. I am so happy and grateful for the path I am on. My life is filled with joy, openness, fun, new experiences, passion, understanding, and harmony.  

Sending wishes of love and light to everyone.  Happy holidays!



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