Entry 8: Diary of a Motherless Child (flash fiction series) by Chantel DaCosta


Daddy is on the phone with Mamma begging her to come
back. Diane’s mother got sick and she hasn’t been to work for two days. So
Daddy had to take me to work with him. The first day was so much fun. I sat his
office and I helped him type a report and I got to answer the telephone and
then we had burgers for lunch and ordered pizza for dinner. We watched a movie
together and we talked and laughed and Daddy was like Daddy again.

today wasn’t fun at all. We woke up late and Daddy was grumpy all morning. He
was talking to him in the car. He said the same thing over and over “I can smell her.” Then when he got to work he just sat at his desk and stared
off until it was time to go home again. 

I really
do wish Mamma would come back. Even just for a little while until Diane is


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