Entry 9:  Diary of a Motherless Child (flash fiction series) by Chantel DaCosta


Mommy came back this morning. I heard her singing and
I could smell her special smell and Daddy smelled her too.


When we
were eating toast and eggs he asked, “You smell that?” Just like and he stopped
but I knew he was going to say Julie, that’s Mommy name Julian but Daddy calls
her Julie. Whenever he was playing with Mommy, Daddy called her Julie mango. I wanted to say yes and tell him that I heard her singing but then
Daddy got up and went into his bathroom. Today is Wednesday and he should be going
to work but is 10 am and he hasn’t come out bathroom.

I got
dressed and I am waiting to see if we will go to work today.  I wish Mama would come back. 


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