Book review: Montpelier Tomorrow by Marylee MacDonald

Thoughts and assessment 

This book made me cry, really, really cry. I was so connected with the characters that I shared in their their pain and grief. Montpelier Tomorrow by Marylee MacDonald is the story of a family struck by illness and how they cope with these trauma. 

I got this book to review by the author, Marylee MacDonald. Thanks Marylee for sharing your book and for writing this amazing story of family. This book was recommended to me on Twitter by @Booktips_tweet   

I could find a category in the Popsugar Sugar Reading Challenge that this book could match. In the Goodreads challenge, this is book 49 of 52. 


Goodreads Summary 

Mid-life mom, Colleen Gallagher would do anything to protect her children from harm. When her daughter’s husband falls ill with ALS, Colleen rolls up her sleeves and moves in, juggling the multiple roles of grandma, cook, and caregiver, only to discover that even her superhuman efforts can’t fix what’s wrong.

Full review

The novel begins with Colleen going to visit her daughter Sandy for the summer, Sandy is pregnant with baby number two and is close her due date. Colleen, a kindergarten teacher has volunteered to help her daughter with her young son Josh and new baby Ben.  Shortly into the first chapter it is revealed that Sandy’s husband Tony has ALS. 

ALS is 

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Does anyone recall the ridiculous ice bucket challenge of 2012/2013? The videos were everywhere. 

 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge  involved persons being tagged or challenged to dump a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of the disease.   A common stipulation was that nominated participants have 24 hours to comply or forfeit by making a donation to an ALS charity. And I honestly did not have a clue after watching them what the point was or what ALS was. 

I assume that the organisations working with persons with ALS may have benefited from donations. 

Marylee MacDonald’s book is perfect as introduction to the pain and suffering to both the sick and their families. The novels takes place over the course of two years and the physical  deterioration in Tony and emotional and financial and physical strain it has on the entire family. It is family tragedy and the characters, Colleen, Sandy and Tony are all flawed and as they struggle you can’t help but feel their pain. While the disease is the driver of the narrative this is a story of family, love, relationships and healing. 

Rich in description and details the novel is beautifully written.

Links to Montpelier Tomorrow and Marylee MacDonald 

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Marylee MacDonald on Goodreads


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