Entry 12: Diary of A Motherless Child (flash fiction series) by Chantel DaCosta

I slept, I was so tired that I
really left. Diane called and promised to come get me. I am so happy. Diane is
in St. Elizabeth with her mother. She told me not to be afraid. Diane said I
should stay in my room and she reminded me to use the special oil and say the
prayer she taught me.

Diane promised to come back and
take me with her. I am so glad. Is it bad that I am happy to leave Mommy and Daddy?

Diane told me how to boil the
potatoes and add butter and milk and sausages. It was so easy to make. I am so
hungry. I am going to eat now.


I ate and then I showered and
then I started to pack my bags. I rubbed the oil over my face, in  my hair, my neck, hands, my belly and my

I am in my room on my bed. I
locked the door. I said the special prayer and I can no longer smell Mommy but
Daddy is still making strange crying and sniffling sounds. I am going to finish
packing and wait.


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