Dreams Are Fragile Protect Them

Tuesday night my heart broke. I shared my latest story idea and character sketches with my partner and he asked, “What’s the point of this?” I was stunned, confused and then after the question and its implications settled, I was offended. So I demanded that he explain, in detail, what he did not understand. Because, to me, the plot was solid and the characters were brilliant. I had spent all day Tuesday with these characters and I had got quite attached to them. My partner rejoined, that the storyline was too tame and the characters too ordinary. I was hurt and I cried. But by Wednesday morning, I was enlightened by a simple message:

Dreams are fragile and must be protected.”

I absolutely enjoy sharing and discussing ideas, especially with my nearest and dearest. I love collaborations and interactions wherein creative pursuits are explored. I will always share and seek feedback and participate in discussions. And I know that in life there will always be messages of doubt, criticisms, misunderstandings and flat-out rejections. And these all sting. When these negations come, they will be received with respect but they will not be absorbed in my consciousness. It is vital that negative energy and weakening messages do not dwell in my spirit. Because if it does, then I will never be inspired and will never create and once these happen I cease to be my true self.

I must always, always guard my sparks, my ideas and dreams. I must always trust myself to be my first guide and I must illuminate my own path. These are my realisations:

  1. I write first for me.
  2. Writing is my first love, well maybe second love, and reading is likely the first. Let’s say for now, that reading and writing are tied. I love stories.
  3. This is my passion.







One thought on “Dreams Are Fragile Protect Them

  1. Tamu Card says:

    This story ‘ignited a special spark’ because I too had to learn that everyone does not and will not share my vision, dreams and perspectives, not even my nearest and dearest. I had to unlearn that I needed to be understood and agreeable to be right or accepted. It was on this path that I began to understand the deeper meaning of individualism and unconditional love. Just as one can be alone in a crowd, there are so many things to discover about the human psyche, there are so many things about me, my potential, my journey, my present (not to mention my past) that has yet to be fully explored or explained. I cannot entrust that to anyone. There are just parts of me that are reserved only for me.
    …and you know, maybe you do not even understand or agree with this, but that’s OK, because it would then confirm what I have been saying; it’s not you, it’s me and I have to do me!

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