Taking Time To Set Intentions (Again)

The heady elations of the New Year and new beginnings has subsided and I now feel unsettled. The first week of 2016 was just fantastic. I was home, I took time off from work, and I read, cooked, wrote, planned, reviewed and reflected. I was simply being and that felt great. Now I am feeling jumbled and twisted.  While, the buzz of ideas is exciting, just considering all the possibilities of doing this and that and being the best version of me and achieving has me anxious.  

On January 1, I sat and decided my primary goals for the first three months of 2016. Then I moved on to the rest of the year slowly building and dreaming and visualizing all of my 2016hopes. My life in five years and on and on. It was brilliant exercise that filled with so much joy and glee. I got myself a Passion Planner™ and this yearly guide book prompted me to write my plans, prioritize these goals and set actionable tasks to achieve them. I loved this for a solid week and then I stopped. Week two in 2016 and I stopped planning and tracking my priority tasks.

I have been in this unsettled and distracted state for four days and I am ready to shift. So I am again setting some intentions. In order to achieve anything worthwhile, a clear goal is required. Once this goal is identified, it must be analysed and then dissected into manageable tasks. Planning and reviewing these tasks are important. I am taking the time to write my goals and draft my guide and prerequisite steps to move closer to my dreams.

One of my 2016 goals was to finally write and of course publish that novel that haunts my dreams and thoughts. Staying focused and writing consistently are my primary challenges. Moving forward to overcome these challenges, I will create weekly writing schedules. Each evening I will devote at least 15 minutes to writing. (Thank Joe Bunting from Write Practice for this no hassle minimum time marker). And most importantly, I have asked for help. I cannot do this on my own, not quite yet.  I am relying on my best friend to be my accountability partner to check in and ensure that I stick my writing schedule.

How about you?

How are you feeling at the beginning of week three of 2016?

Are you still amped about all the plans and goals you have set for yourself? Or are you more like me, already feeling a little bit shaky?

And is there anyone else, someone who just doesn’t do new year resolutions and just goes with the flow, how are you feeling? Share in the “Comments” section and let’s talk things through.  


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