Review of Mosaic: A Collection of Independent Women Volume 1, Curated by Kim Wells and P.K. Tyler

I loved everything about this book.  Mosaic is an anthology of women writers. The book is filled with great and so diverse the characters, writers and writing styles. The writers and their main characters are from diverse backgrounds, these women vary in ages, ethnic groups, nationalities, sexual identities and  abilities. 


My top five stories from Mosaic #1 were: 

The Girl Made of Glass by Ari Harradine: Attie is a teenager who cannot recall having a flesh and blood heart. Instead she has a glass heart, she is kept alive but has yet to fully experience life. Attie is always being told by her mother and her doctor to be careful, Attie is not to run, shout and become too emotional because any exertion is too much for her heart. But Attie desires a full life and is willing to risk everything to get a chance at really living. 

Happily Ever After in Twelve Stained-Glass Panels by Keyan Bowes: This story was a re-imagining and extension of the Brothers Grimm tale of Rumpelstiltskin, this story is about the life and secrets of the miller’s daughter.  

Book of Lillith by P.K. Tyler:
In the Garden of Eden, there was first, man and woman and then Eve. What happened to the first woman, why was she excluded from the biblical histories? Tyler explores these in the Book of Lillith.  

Adventures in Gaming <sarcasm> by Tonya Liburd:
In this essay Liburd gives real life examples of racism, misogyny in the video gaming world.  

Pain Relief by Julia Rea:
A paraplegic woman attempts to manage her chronic pains and renegotiate her disabilities benefits with very disturbing results.  

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers of Mosaic, DayDreams Dandelion Press for granting me access to this digital ARC. 

In my reading challenge for 2016, this is book 23 of 60. 


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