Trusting and Keeping Faith

I have been up and down, mostly down last week, swiftly shifting from feeling in control and strong, to crumpling, and crying and thinking, I am defeated.  I often felt so overwhelmed and tired, that I found it hard to communicate all I was feeling and thinking to those closest to me. As I reflect on all that happened in the past week, I am so grateful for my partner and family members who were there to witness the tears and frustrated sighs and whimpers. I have an amazing support system and I am so thankful for those who love and care for me.

Chantel DaCosta

Chantel Peter-Ann DaCosta


 I am amazed each day by how good it feels to have persons that I can truly depend on.  And yet, sometimes, I fear that leaning on someone else when I am feeling low, may be the very worst practice. I fear that just when I need that support, that person might not be available.  Sometimes these nasty little thoughts of doubt creep in, and I struggle to keep my  faith in love, in friendships and family bonds.    

I am trying my hardest to focus on what is going right in my life, and not to keep holding on to the aspects that I consider to be wrong. I truly want to believe that I  where I ought to be and need to be. I want to accept this as the truth. I must trust myself, that even when there is a misstep, or even a huge mistake, that there is an important life lesson to be absorbed and that these moments are opportunities to grow.

This week I am using simple affirmations to help me focus on the best aspects of my life.

My daily affirmations are:

Sunday March 20: ‘I am deserving of love, kindness and trust. I accept all that is good in my life.’

Monday, March 21: ‘I am evolving. I do not need to be perfect or do everything perfectly. I am fine as I am.’

Tuesday March 22: ‘I accept and adore who I am, I accept compliments and also freely give compliments.’

Wednesday March 23‘Now is a new moment. A now where I can begin to change the things I want to change.’

Thursday March 24: ‘I take advantage of my abilities and opportunities.’

Friday March 25:  ‘I am full of light and love. I feel happy.’

Saturday March 26: ‘I am consciously present here and now. I am confident and secure.’

This week I will keep at the fore of my thoughts,  my love and all the beautiful and generous persons, I have to share my life with. I will honour my health and my commitment to being active, maintaining a hydrated body and eating nutritious foods. I will rest, relax and sleep through the night. I will be commit my best to doing the task I am given  at my job. I will embrace the magic of books and storytelling and writing.

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