Feeling Good

It is Easter, a long holiday weekend and I am feeling good. I am truly relaxed and happy. Last week, a shift occurred, and I am wholly conscious of the situations, people and thoughts that triggered the negative funk that crowded my spirit for the past few weeks.  And I know I am equipped to handle these negative moments by shifting focus.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment last week when my mindset shifted.  I do know that by Thursday, I was focused, happy, calm and mindful of my actions and thoughts.


Yellow flowered bush in the Jamaican countryside.

Thursday was a long work day, wherein I was up and down, asked to do multiple tasks, because my department is short-staffed (due to vacancies, persons being sick, others on vacation, and other being useless) and I was able to simply be and do.  Each moment, when my research, writing and editing, was interrupted, by a telephone call or someone asking for assistance in doing something they really ought to do themselves, I paused, inhaled and exhaled, and did as I was asked. I answered the queries, smiled and laughed, made small talk co-workers. Each interruption last week was of the very same nature as those in the previous weeks; and the people disrupting my work were the very same. However, instead of sending me into torrid mental fury, I accepted and addressed each situation.

The affirmations I selected last week helped tremendously, and I was able to let go of the daily frustrations and annoyances. I  concentrated on the best aspects of life. It is easier to choose to be happy and be thankful than to focus on struggles.  This choice made my work days easier, I smiled and laughed, and kept on going. I am fully in control of me, and my reactions to the various persons and situations. I have been aware of the power of my thoughts for years. And I know that I have complete control over how I feel and what I reflect on, but somehow, this vital piece of my life got distorted. It is good to be back to being in place of gratitude and goodness.




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