Book review: The Uncommitted by Margaret M. Goss

I started this book in February 2016 and only read the first
chapter, then late one night in March, I believe was during the long Easter weekend, I picked it up again and
read through the night. I was thoroughly engaged by the story and cared about
Josie and her children but then the story just got so filled with Christian
mysticism that I started to dislike the narrative.

Here is the main thing, I would recommend this book because the writing is
good, the story is interesting and I liked the intertwining of Josie and
Andrew’s stories but then the ending just got strange. 

I got this book from NetGalley and the publishers Three Towers Press. I am
thankful for access to the book.

 Goodreads Summary: 

Josephine Reilly is a typical young mother, striving to do what is best for her family in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota. Declan, her ambitious and talented husband, has a thriving career as a corporate lawyer. On the surface, life could not appear more perfect.

Yet, Josie has an unrealized gift, one that has haunted her since the drowning death of a childhood friend. Josie is a messenger, as was her mother and grandmother before her, carrying messages from the dead to the living through dreams, visions and telepathy. For years, Josie suppresses her gift but when mother dies, she is unable to ignore it any longer.

Upon exploring her ability, she finds she’s underestimated the dangers in channeling the dead when those she loves become targets of an invisible evil. Her sanity comes into question and she’s at risk of losing everything she holds dear. Then fate places Dr. Andrew Chase in Josie’s path, a healer of supernatural capabilities. Only he hasn’t come to prevent her fall …

The Uncommitted is a compelling tale of the spiritual struggle within us and of the realities beyond our physical sight.


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