Gratitude Overdose

Last week  I  overdosed on gratitude. I have been using a gratitude journal app to record my moments of thanksgiving since April 2014. Generally, I write in the journal twice per day, a quick note in the morning to give thanks for life and being awakened. Then most evenings I would select an event or some highlight from my day to note.

Today I am gratitude for…this is the gentle prompt that opens each post in the Vista Media Gratitude Journal mobile app.  I have shared that I have been struggling to feel good. Last week I decided to push myself into a better mindset, one that was filled with giving thanks. On Monday May 9, I changed my gratitude app settings to every hour. Each hour I was prompted to be thankful.


Image found on Pinterest, artist MiaCharro

At first giving thanks every hour on the hour was a struggle. On Monday I felt as if as soon as I thought of something to acknowledge and be thankful for, I was asked to share yet another statement of gratitude. But as the week progressed it got easier to simply make a note for my thankfulness.

Here is quick comparison of some of the gratitude journal entries on Monday May 9 to those on Saturday May 14:

Today I am thankful for…
life. I am here. I am awakened. Giving thanks.
 the the warmth of zingy ginger tea.
 having — in my life. I am thankful for his love, support, companionship and kindness.
for water to refresh my sore throat. Giving thanks.
orange juice. I am refreshed.
my nasal passages clearing up. Slowly getting better.
stories. Simply magical tales that offer me an escape.
unlimited bathroom breaks. Wiping my nose. So vital right now.  Giving thanks.
only two hours left in the work day. Almost there.
One more hour.
Work day is over.
food. I cooked, we ate and there is food for lunch tomorrow. Giving Thanks.
Today I am thankful for…
life. I am here. I am awakened. Giving thanks.
easy relaxing Saturday mornings. Feeling rested giving thanks.
warm cups of coffee. Yes. So good.
opportunities. I bid for three Upwork projects and I am feeling pretty god about them. Giving thanks.
my companion, my life partner. We are connected. We are growing and we are building a life together. Giving thanks.
basic amenities. At the apartment we are comfortable. We have shelter, food, water, electricity. We have enough. We are good.
breakfast. Cornmeal porridge. Yummmm.
just being. I feel free and good and happy. Giving thanks.
my job at the Agency. A job that offers paid vacation leave. I am so thankful for this break from work. Giving thanks.
blog post inspirations, collaborations and time to plan, write and schedule.
getting work done. The Stories of Chantel DaCosta post is completed. Done. Shadow Shifts blog tour images, links and info all scheduled and ready for tomorrow.


Last week was great. I am still coughing  and I am still weak. And I am feeling good. I am excited about the books I have to read and review. I am looking forward to some great new collaborations and writing projects. Happy Sunday. Be happy. Be grateful. Feel good.





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