Shadow Shifts Blog Tour: Guest Post & Excerpt from Shadow Shifts

JM Bogart, Writerly Yours Author PR and the #ShadowShifts blog tour are back to bring some magic to this lovely Monday. 

Today author of the Shadow Shifts series, JM Bogart shares the importance of community and support for success. And there is a special excerpt from chapter 23 of Shadow Shifts. 


Community Is Vital For Success by JM Bogart

One of the
themes running through Shadow Shifts is that you can’t do everything on your
own. No matter how powerful, organized, or strong you are, some tasks are too
great to be managed by one person. Community is a vital part of being
successful—not only in decision making, but in carrying out plans.

Life happens. We
get sick, we have family emergencies, we have personal crises, and we become
overwhelmed. Remembering there are others we can rely on lifts the burdens and
makes them manageable.

As powerful as
she is, Bean recognizes that she cannot rule her people, save them from the
Shadow-monsters, and replenish their energy stores without help from the
Liminal community. The stronger she gets, the more she relies on those around
her… they feed her strength and self-confidence, allowing her to tap into their
assets so they become fortified together. Without their support, she might have
an abundance of energy, but she’s only one small Liminal in a world rife with

Liminals might be tiny creatures, but when they combine their talents, their
chances for survival are pretty amazing. They burn brighter, work smarter, and
create a formidable bond that’s difficult to break. Likewise, people embracing
the power of community makes for success.

Shadow Shifts Book Excerpt, Chapter 23


When I enter
the council room, hundreds of Liminal eyes follow my progress to the podium
where Pritt, Nefra, and Ping are already waiting for me. I smile at them,
hoping they will take it for the apology it is meant to be. Now, more than
ever, we need to band together if we are going to make this plan work.

Pritt returns
my nod and gives Nefra and Ping a meaningful glance. They exchange looks and
then turn back to me, acceptance in their eyes. We’ve called a truce, but doubt
still lingers between us. I take my place in front of them and raise my arms,
signalling for the crowd to quiet.

I survey
their expectant faces. We have lost so many in the past few weeks, making each
one of them that much more special to me. Our survival depends on what will
happen next. We need to reclaim our lost magic so we can continue our practices
of harvesting magic. Unfortunately, we may lose a few more of our own in the
process. It’s a price we’ll reluctantly pay.

“Go on, Bean,
say something to them,” Pritt urges from behind me. “They need you.”

Their eyes
betray their fear, and their wings flicker with nervous tension, but there is
hope in the air. I can feel it mingling with the other emotions, trying to take

“It’s time,”
I say quietly, knowing my voice will carry through the hall. “We will fight
hard, work together, and come out successful. We’ll draw power from each other
so we can preserve our heritage. The Shadow-monsters have consumed too much.
It’s time for us to take back the light.”

A small
subdued murmur filters through the crowd, not quite the response I am hoping
for. I look at Pritt who shrugs his shoulders in response. It’s hard to be
motivational when you know there’s a strong possibility of losing.

“Go on, Bean,
you know this is the only way.” I turn to look at Nefra. Tissa should be
standing there, supporting me in this folly, not some stranger who only came
into our lives a few days ago. “Do it for the father you lost and the sister
you still need to save.”

I look at all
the faces before me and really see them. Chase has lost both his parents in the
past week, Ladle’s sister went missing, and it’s doubtful she’ll return. Brigs
is slowly fading, and yet he stands here, offering support, knowing his time is
limited. Something akin to human emotion wells up inside of me, searching for
release. If I didn’t know better, I would think tears are glistening in my
eyes, they feel both wet and hot, burning with something I can’t explain.

“This fight
is for everyone we’ve lost, ourselves, and those that are yet to come.
Together, we know we are stronger—stronger than the shadows. Together, we can
defeat them, rebuild our lives, and become stronger. I will not let those monsters defeat us. It’s
our time to shine.”

Behind me,
Pritt raises his hand in a fist and shouts, “Yeah!”

ripples through the small crowd gathered around me. They step forward, their
voices growing, their energy rippling. This is the response I need to carry us
through the next few hours.

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