Book Review: Engaged In Death by Stephanie Blackmoore

Loved this book. Stephanie Blackmoore’s cozy mystery has
made me fall I’m love with this genre. Engaged in Death is the first in a new
series of cozy mysteries featuring the Sephard sisters, Mallory and Rachel. 

After Mallory is betrayed by her fiancé Keith she breaks off their engagement
weeks before the wedding. After her whole implodes Mallory is grateful that her younger sister, Rachel is there to help her rebuild. 

Engaged in Death is a  fun tale of murder, whodunit, amateur
investigation and small town scandals that follows provides wonderful engagement.
Book two in the series is slated to be published early in 2017 and I can’t wait
to dive into series. 

I got this book from NetGalley. Thanks to publishers, Kensignton for granting me access to this ARC. The book is still available on NetGalley, it be archived on June 30. book. 

Engaged is Death is expected to be released on June 28, 2016.

Goodreads Summary: 

All appears peaceful in sleepy Port Quincy, Pennsylvania–but in this small town, old grudges die hard…

After dumping her cheating fiancé and cancelling the wedding, Mallory Shepard can’t bear another disaster. So when the former bride-to-be unexpectedly inherits Thistle Park, a ramshackle mansion in her ex’s hometown of Port Quincy, it’s a problem she can’t afford–literally. Abound with stray cats, peeling wallpaper, and nosy neighbors, Mallory is dying to sell it off–once she finally fixes up both the place and her messy life…

Turns out, Thistle Park has its charms. But the honeymoon phase is abruptly cut short when an unwanted visitor is found dead on the front lawn. Enlisting the help of her sister Rachel, Mallory vows to unveil the killer before she herself becomes married to the suspect list…


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