Summer is here. These are the beautiful, bright blue skies, hot days of  July.

I am blessed and happy to be here and awakened.


I am on the cusp of change and I am excited. This week will be my last in my current job. Soon, I will start afresh, a new job, new career challenges. I am excited, nervous, anxious, thrilled and terrified. But these emotions all rolled together during this period of transition are necessary. The not knowing is necessary for me to take that next step and enter into a new phase of my life.

I am anticipating the coming weeks to be exciting, challenging and simply strange and different. I welcome it all. I choose to be gentle and compassionate with myself as I seek to learn and grow and be transformed.

Yesterday, I spent  some time going through my Passion Planner. I must confess I haven’t written in it since March. But my review began in January, where I wrote my goals for 2016. The Planner requires users to designate several goals within four categories:

  1.  Primary goals that are short term to be achieved within the  first three months of the year
  2. 2016 goals
  3. Goals to be achieved within a full calendar year through to 2017
  4.  2019 goals (three years later)

I was happy to note that my primary 2016 goal was achieved. Interestingly enough I spent most of yesterday in funk.  I was tired, hot and my hands and feet were swollen from the heat.  But this quick reflection on what I wanted in January changed my focus. I was reminded that I am exactly where I set out to be. Instantly I felt better.

If I had to choose a single lesson that I learned in first six months of 2016, it would be patience. I must be patient. I need to be gentle with myself and others. I need to be open to accepting, letting go and allowing things to unfold as they ought to.

Six months have gone in 2016 and it is useful to consider the main goals that were set at the beginning of the year.  For me, I am beyond happy that my main goal has been achieved. Now, it is time to focus on building connections. Seeking to get new projects, deepening partnerships and working with integrity and being open to collaborations and trusting in the processes. The remainder of 2016 will be focused on writing more creative content.

What about you? Have you met any of your 2016 goals?

Are there certain aspirations that are no longer appealing? Do you want to shift focus to new goals and dreams?

What changes are necessary to do so?

Please feel free to share.

Happy Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Transitioning

  1. petchary says:

    Yes – change brings a whole bundle of emotions with it! But as you say, necessary. Also, days when you are in a funk are inevitable – I have them regularly! And the heat doesn’t help. I don’t really have “goals” per se… Just to keep pushing forward and to keep challenging myself to do (and learn) something new!


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