Book Review: S is for Stranger by Louise Stone

This book kept me on edge, there was so much tension and  mistrust. Wow. And that ending. Well it was quite the experience. S is for Stranger is filled with unexpected twists. I have read reviews where folks did not appreciate that last twist and the end,  well I didn’t mind being blow away by that out of nowhere turn in the plot. I quite liked it.

But what I didn’t like is that there were several unanswered plot lines. These bits of the story sparked interest but then they didn’t go anywhere. So for me, it was as if as soon as the culprit was apprehended, the writer stopped.  But then story  overall felt unfinished.

So here is a quick plot overview Sophie is a troubled alcoholic who is also the mother of a little girl Amy. Amy goes missing. Sophie is unstable and Sophie’s story does not match up with the accounts given by her ex-husband Paul. Now here is what Louise Stone does
really well, she adds layers of suspicion, did Paul take Amy, and does Sophie’s new boyfriend have anything to do with the little girl’s disappearance  and there is also that woman that Sophie said  was watching Amy on the day she disappeared. Suspects aplenty.

 Thanks to Carina UK and NetGalley for granting me access to this book.

Goodreads Summary:

There are two sides to every story.

But only one is true.

Sophie wished she’d paid more attention when her little daughter, Amy, caught sight of a stranger watching them. She only looked away for a second. But now Amy’s gone.

No one trusts an alcoholic. Even a sober one. The police are suspicious of Sophie’s tangled story and so is her ex-husband, Paul. Especially when new information emerges that changes everything.

But what if Sophie is telling the truth? What if her daughter really is missing? And what if that stranger at the fairground wasn’t really a stranger at all…

Perfect for readers looking for their next addictive read after The Girl on the Train and Behind Closed Doors.

PS:  I know that book comparisons is a primary marketing tool of publishers but these book comparisons aren’t my favourite approach. I would not say this book was that similar to The Girl on the Train. I guess perhaps in the geography being in London/England. No idea what Behind Closed Doors is. Anyway, for me, a good cover design and a strong book description will attract readers.


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