2016 Reading Goals Update

We are half way through 2016 and I am quite happy with my reading progress to date. Here are my primary reading goals for 2016:

1. Read at least 60 books

2. Read more Caribbean literature

3. Read more African literature

4. Read one classic per month.


For my first goal, I am way ahead schedule, I have read 49 books so far. According to Goodreads I am at 82% and 18 books ahead schedule. This is my second year using Goodreads to track my reading progress. In 2015, I chose to read 50 books and ended up reading 56 books. Comparatively, my 2016 reading has been so much easier and far more enjoyable than 2015 for one simple reason, I am reading only what I want. I have started several books and paused them or simply decided to stop. I am enjoying this freedom.

Last year, I participated in the PopSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge and while I enjoyed most of the challenge it did have its rough moments of finding a book that matches a category and then sticking to reading something that may not have been enjoyable (Outlander immediately comes to mind).



My second and third goals, reading more African and Caribbean literature, I am simply too lazy to tout around hard copies of books and so to date, I only read one Caribbean book, and that was Pepperpot. I will do better for the remainder of the year and drop a paperback in my bag and read that during my lunch breaks instead of using an e-reader.

Last month, I shared my challenge with classics in part two of my books I started but didn’t finish. I will complete Brothers Karamazov this year and one other classic novel.


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