Focus On Now

 I am excited and optimistic, I am in a state of constantly looking ahead. Last week, was my final week as Research Officer/Writer at the Jamaica Information Service. Tomorrow, I start a whole new phase of my career, and I am feeling anxious.

My mind snatches on to this and that, and instantly I am thrown into imagining what is to come. Swiftly, I move from considering how my work station will be, what my coworkers will be like, what I will be writing, mulling over, discarding and revisiting potential feature ideas, the thrill of getting to really know my Caribbean neighbours, exploring content marketing in depth  and the changes in my work processes.

So I am struggling to do my regular Sunday routines. I must get up out of this bed, and focus on today. I must stop jumping ahead to my imagined tomorrow. I must iron my clothes for the work week, prepare meals, do my Sunday self-care and grooming. I must remain present, focus on now.

eternal now

Happy Sunday!

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