A Taste of Success


maya-quoteThis Maya Angelou quote is a mainstay on the internet. It is used to bolster feelings of self-worth and encourage a shift in understanding what success means.

And last week, I got a taste of Maya Angelou’s kind of success.  It was divinely delicious. My work days were filled with reading, researching, connecting and writing. I was able to work without distractions, in peace and in relative silent. So far my experience has been wonderful.

Last Monday (July 11), I nervously and excitedly began my new job, the day was a blur of orientation, meets and greets, introductions and instructions. By midday I felt tapped out and tired.

However, by Wednesday, I settled into a work rhythm that I hope to maintain. I got into the office on average each morning at around 7:50 and by 8 o’ clock, I had decided and written my four main tasks for the day.  These main tasks were further divided into smaller objectives that filled my days. It felt good to organise and work diligently to achieve each task.  By Friday, I felt satisfied with what I was able to achieve.

My primary goal is to  always do my best. Each new day is an opportunity to refresh and work at achieving my goals.

Blessings of light, love, joy and peace.

Happy Sunday!


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