My Best Varies and That’s OK

After a solid week of flying high on getting work done, feeling good and knocking out to-do lists, on Wednesday, I started feeling less than good.


My descent started  with a tingling – pin and needles sensation – in the middle of my back.  Then tiny bumps began to spread. A rash was being born. By Friday morning, I was tired, my skin was irritated and my joints sore. Friday was a slow day and I struggled to focus. I simply wanted to close my eyes and rest. But I pushed through. A lot later than usual, at close to 9:00 a.m. I finally made my list of articles to review and edit, files to transfer and save, and persons to call/email to follow up with.

And at the end of the work day (and thankfully the work week) I was satisfied with the work I did. It wasn’t as stellar as the day before and certainly not comparable to Monday and Tuesday, but I got stuff done.

I did the best I could with the energy level I had. My best varies and I accept that.

Have a great and rest-filled Sunday.


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