#NailBitersNovel Blog Tour: Interview with MK Williams (Part one)



In the wake of a recent invasion, Dora, a scared but strong human is searching for safety as the human population is systematically hunted down and tagged. On a deserted stretch of road her run comes to an end and she is captured and catapulted into a world of vicious bargains and survivalism. Follow her journey from freedom to servitude and addiction and back again as she learns what the alien invaders are after and why no one can stop biting their nails. Nailbiters will engulf you in the early post-apocalyptic world of alien occupation and make you question what it really does mean to be human.

Today we meet the author Nailbiters, MK Williams. MK was born is an American writer, she was born Indiana, grew up in Philadelphia-raised, and now lives in bright sunny Tampa, Florida. Williams has penned three novels, the first to be published is Nailbiters, as well as many short stories.


Tell a little about yourself

Hello, thank you for
hosting a blog tour for Nailbiters, it means a lot to know that this story can
get out to more people! As for myself, I tend to be modest and I’m still not
very comfortable with self-promotion. Being an independent author has pushed me
out of my comfort zone in that respect and has helped me to embrace that aspect
of promoting my stories.

What inspired you to
write Nailbiters?

The initial
inspiration came from a dream about an alien invasion. In that dream I was in
the moment, unsure of what would happen next, with no idea of where to go for
shelter. I tried to incorporate that frenzied panic into Nailbiters.

How long did it take you to write Nailbiters?

From that first dream
to the final edit, it took about three years. I started to write and then would
put the story down to work on something else. I would get an idea and pick it
back up only to find it wasn’t very exciting and put it away again. About a two
years ago I had the idea for the entire plot and it flowed very naturally from
that point.

What five words would you use to describe Dora?

Strong. Mortal.
Sharp. Leader. Survivalist.

Dora is physically
strong. In the story she sustains an injury and has to deal with severe
malnutrition which eats away at her muscle mass. Because she was so physically
fit at the time of the invasion, she fairs better than others in the same
circumstances. She has a mental strength as well but, that is tested throughout
the novel.

Dora is mortal, she
has the same human weaknesses and fears that we all have. She fears death, she
requires food and water to survive, she needs basic shelter, and she can die.

She is very sharp.
Dora can figure her way out of a given situation, but she doesn’t condescend to
others. Her intelligence helps her to survive which needs no additional

Dora is a leader. She
had the emotional intelligence to pick up the group dynamics quickly when they
were stranded in the desert. She has had to deal with some very scary
situations, but she is still more equipped than most to handle the current

Most of all, Dora is
a Survivalist and a Survivor. She is able to think in the moment to secure her current
position, but she can still balance long-term consequences so that her actions
are not too hasty.

In a post invasion word, what would pack in your survival kit?

Water bottle, water
purifier, sunscreen, first aid kit, complete Harry Potter series in one volume,
hairbrush, UPF clothing, hat, sunglasses, empty Tupperware, and a flashlight
(with extra batteries). There is probably some essential item that is missing,
but hopefully if an invasion occurs I’ll have a second or two to think before I
need to start running.

If Nailbiters was to be
turned into a screenplay, who would you cast as Dora?

I have had a hard
time thinking of the person that would be perfect for Dora, but I really like Alicia
for the role. I have
really enjoyed her movies, so I think she could handle the role well.


Which writers — novelists, playwrights, critics, journalists, poets —
working today do you admire most?

I have had several
classmates from high school and college succeed in their writing aspirations.
It is so great to know someone through the years who has fought for their dream.
One in particular is Laura Brienza. We used to run on the same cross-country
team and take math class together, and now she is crushing it with her books, plays, and articles. She continues to be supportive of the dreams of others while working hard
to keep her dream going. I definitely have a lot of admiration for her work and
her effort. Laura’s writing is amazing and the success she has had is a
testament to the quality of her craft.

What writing advice would you give a new writer?

Just write and have
fun with it. If you spend a lot of time thinking “oh, is that the right thing
to say, will someone have an issue with it?” you would never write anything.
You have to write for yourself and for your characters. In the end, if you feel
it is worthy of being published (online or otherwise) put it out into the
world. I heard a quote once that said that you shouldn’t worry about what
critics have to say, no one has ever built a statue honouring a critic. (Quote by Jean Sibelius) Keeping that in mind will help you to
write freely.

What author living or dead would you most like to meet, and what would
you like to know?

I think that I would
most like to meet Stephen King. I’ve always been an avid fan of his writing and
I would love to pick his brain over how to build characters and effectively
surprise an audience. I think people except a big twist now-a-days and that can
make it hard sometimes to effectively mask what is coming up without either
blindsiding the audience or completely giving it away. It is a very fine
balance and he has completely mastered it. I also think that he would be the
most reasonable choice since Tampa is close to where he snow-birds in the

What are you presently working on?

I am currently
wrapping up the edits on a collection of short stories which will be out later
this year. While I am waiting for edits to come back I have been working on a
marketing plan for that collection and developing my next novel. I’m planning
for another big thriller, so get ready!


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