Focusing on the good when it all feels like shit

On Wednesday I was robbed. Car break-in and items  stolen. Three other vehicles parked at the location were also broken into.

And all sense of security, freedom, calm was ripped apart.

I am struggling to process it all, from the robbery itself, the police response and the reporting processes through to a sense that some Jamaicans have become indifferent to these violations.

So in order to clear or soften the constant noise in my head I am focusing on the good in my life: 

  1. Love. I am surrounded by love.
  2. Accepting an opportunity to grow closer. Yes that is possible, we are closer.
  3. A lesson in personal safety.
  4. A lesson in people. Some people, well no more support there.
  5. One month work anniversary.
  6. I continue to enjoy my job.
  7. My manager is pretty awesome. She is really (really) supportive.
  8. A lesson in Jamaican police procedures (the lack thereof).
  9. An opportunity to learn, grow and be better.
  10. An opportunity to reflect, reconsider and re-engage.
  11. A moment of coming undone, a jolt to my body and mind and the implosion, then experiencing the slow rebuilding process.
  12. A lesson in letting go.

Just a quick note of reminders on personal safety. We know them but unfortunately we do not always practice them. Let’s do our best to be aware of our surroundings. Do not leave personal items in cars, anything you value, it is better to lug them along. It may be cumbersome but it is the safer option. Trust your instincts, if something, someone, someplace feels off, walk away.

Be blessed. Be safe. Be guided by your intuition.

Thanks for connecting.

Talk again on Wednesday for a book review, I’ll share my thoughts on the cozy mystery, Unlucky Charms by Linda O. Johnston.


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