October Pause…Hurricane Matthew is Coming

It’s Sunday and I’m not feeling too happy, more anxious and a little bit scared. Hurricane Matthew is coming. 

And while I believe that my apartment will hold up, I am worried about my family and friends. I worried about my country, our infrastructure is terrible, we have a littering problem as a nation so our drains and gullies are usually always clogged up with trash, when the wind and rain come, there will be flooding. I am concerned about the elderly. I fear for our homeless. 

This distress won’t leave me, it’s just how I am. I can distract myself by cooking, doing my hair, reading but that worry is still there. I had this week’s posts pre-written, one of ‘Happy October’ and the second on a list of free or inexpensive fun things to do in Kingston. But I am not in that frame of mind and who knows what our country will be like by Tuesday, so today I won’t talk about free Latin dance parties in New Kingston and I’m not a hurricane, disaster management and preparation expert so I am not giving tips. 

Be careful. Try to be mindful. If you think your home may be compromised please leave, go to a shelter. Here is a list of the shelters in each parish from ODPEM. For updates from the Met Office pay close attention to local radio news and bulletins

Also please if you haven’t already get extra drinking water, fuel,and food. I believe we will lose power tonight. 

Keep connected to family and friends as best as you can. 

Until next time, take care. Hold strong. 



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