Happy Friday: Free (And Cheap) Fun Things To Do in Kingston this October


Its Friday! So glad we have made to the weekend. Welcome to this new and experimental, Friday post series, on Happy Fridays it is all about lighthearted fun.

In these Friday posts I will share highlights on things that really caught  my eye throughout the week, simple quick top fives, favs for the week and things to, do, see or try. And also come next Friday, I will introduce Fiction Fridays, I will share a short story or new flash fiction piece.  And also I would love if persons share their ff pieces and poetry. To discuss and share your creations on Fiction Fridays email me, at chanteldacosta1987@gmail.com.

So here goes, five free (and perhaps just cheap) fun things to do/try this October.

  1. Salsa Dancing: NK Deli in the New Kingston Shopping Centre has dance classes, dance instructions for salsa and ballroom dancing, check the NK Deli Facebook Page for details. The dances classes are free, there will drinks and food on sale in the Deli. f408cfab-0ff5-49ff-bc66-a8c5b6ad972c
  2. Beach Party: The Longboarder Bar and Grill has an ongoing “Sunset Party” series. Dance, house and electronic music, sand, sea and drinks.  14520336_308456489509898_549855838918269136_n
  3. Poetry Jam and Mixer: The Poetry Society of Jamaica, founded in 1989, has a longstanding last Tuesday fellowship hosted at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. If you are an emerging poet, this is a great way to find community, support and get feedback.  And lovers of the spoken word can just kick back in the amphitheatre under the stars and simply enjoy the lyrics of the night. The next session will be on Tuesday October,  25.
  4. All Black Halloween Party: On Friday October 28, NK Deli in New Kingston will transform into a fright fest, inspired from the horrors of Marlon James’ John Crow’s Devil this a distinctively Jamaican Halloween party. Now here is the breakdown, it is not free exactly, in full black the cover charge is JMD $500, persons not in full black will pay JMD$1000 and in a full scary costume, well, then you go in FREE.
  5. Art Love: Last Sundays at the National Gallery of Jamaica can be so much fun. Next free Sunday show will be on Sunday October 30, visit the NGJ blog for updates.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a great weekend.

Let me know if you plan on attending any of these events this month, if I have company, I want to try all of them, anyone in? Talk again on Sunday.



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