Subscription Box Review: Sugarplum Box

Hello everyone. Happy Sunday!

Today I am doing something a little different. It is a first for me, I tried a subscription box.

I have been watching YouTube “un-boxing” videos for months now and I think the idea is fun and great and it is a sweet little niche market for micro enterprises to explore and fun way to sample and discover new products. This month, I decided to try the Sugarplum Box.


The Sugarplum subscription box is a Jamaican lifestyle box and the company promises to deliver five products in each themed box.  I purchased the October box, the #HelloQueen: Black Girl Magic box.

I did not select an ongoing subscription because I really wasn’t sure if I would love this.  And I cannot commit to spending USD $39 or JMD $4000 each month to surprise myself.

I did purchase this one box because it was my little treat to myself for my birthday. When the box was initially advertised, it said that deliveries would be made on Heroes Weekend, which would have been my birthday weekend. The box was available later than initially advertised, I picked this up yesterday. There is free delivery by the Jamaican Post but I opted to collect my box.

So what did I get in my Sugarplum box?


Natural Annie’s Essentials Lip Scrub and Lip Balm. The products are said to be infused with shea butter, calendula oil and beet root powder and are great for chapped and cracked lips. These smell great and I will be trying them later today for my Sunday self-care.

img_20161029_184039404Suga Street Soap Ja Neem Healing Soap. There two bars of the soap included. From the packaging it seems to be scentless. The neem soap is said to be good for chronic skin inflammation and blemishes

img_20161029_183250906Luan African Inspired Necklace. This is made from African wax print cloth imported from Nigeria and was made exclusively for the Hello Queen box. I am not fan of this thing. It is bulky and just feels uncomfortable around the neck.  And it is such a shame because I love the print. I wish the fabric was used to make a makeup pouch or clutch purse or even headbands.

img_20161029_184231898Bath and Body Works Travel Size Hello Beautiful Hand Cream. I opened this and did a quick sniff and rubbed a little on my hand, I will drop this in my handbag.

img_20161029_183946663Polka Dots Ja Head Wrap. This is a gorgeous print and I really like this. I have not attempted a headwrap in many years, not since I had locs so this may be fun to play around with.

Bonus items and samples

img_20161029_184213193This highlighter/bronzer was included as a bonus item along with two samples of bio-oil and an energy drink, I did not take pictures of these because….

Final thoughts: Would I subscribe on an ongoing basis? No. I wasn’t wowed by the offering of this box so I cannot commit to an ongoing subscription. Would I purchase single box again? Maybe. There is also an online gift shop that is currently being developed that is being stocked with cute, quirky items and I think that the gift shop maybe my best bet for exploring new items.

What are your thoughts on subscription boxes? Are they worth the money? Have you tried the Sugarplum box?

We’ll chat again on Wednesday for a quick discussion on some bookish things I am enjoying and looking forward to. Have a great week.

PS: Please enter the Stories of Chantel DaCosta two-year blog anniversary book giveaway.


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