Home is Happiness

Happy Sunday! 

I am really, really happy today. I am home in St. Mary with my family. I am relaxed, contented, and comfortable. It feels amazing to be outside in the cool breeze, bright warmth and just see all shades of green around the countryside. 

There is sense of ease of being and freedom that comes from being home, and being with family that is hard to find the precise words to describe how calm, joyous and blessed I am. 

Today I am thankful for home and for my family. Giving thanks for the love that I am always surrounded by.

Giving thanks for life, I am awakened, I am here, I am blessed in this week, I am thankful for home. 

Have a joyous week. 

My Best Varies and That’s OK

After a solid week of flying high on getting work done, feeling good and knocking out to-do lists, on Wednesday, I started feeling less than good.


My descent started  with a tingling – pin and needles sensation – in the middle of my back.  Then tiny bumps began to spread. A rash was being born. By Friday morning, I was tired, my skin was irritated and my joints sore. Friday was a slow day and I struggled to focus. I simply wanted to close my eyes and rest. But I pushed through. A lot later than usual, at close to 9:00 a.m. I finally made my list of articles to review and edit, files to transfer and save, and persons to call/email to follow up with.

And at the end of the work day (and thankfully the work week) I was satisfied with the work I did. It wasn’t as stellar as the day before and certainly not comparable to Monday and Tuesday, but I got stuff done.

I did the best I could with the energy level I had. My best varies and I accept that.

Have a great and rest-filled Sunday.

Expecting Good Things

Happy Sunday!

Amazing Things Are Going To HappenI am excited and filled with joy at the possibilities to create, learn and grow. The past week has been amazing.  I explored new opportunities, and met with interesting and inspiring people.   I am excited about the good things to come.

Recently a friend of mine asked me what makes me happy. Now, while I have been on this high for a while,  I haven’t considered what elements of my life contributed to it.  I was only aware that I have been feeling good. I paused to consider what really makes me happy. The answer is that small choices each day made me feel good. I am happy in my relationship. I enjoy connecting with family and friends. Doing activities I enjoy— reading, writing, reviewing books, talking about books.  All these combine to make me feel good.

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