For the past week and a half, I have been having trouble sleeping. I am not suffering from insomnia (the sleeplessness I have dealt with before) but lately, I fall asleep, but I do not stay asleep.  And then when I do sleep, I have strange dreams. The dreams I have are what baffles me the most, nightly fantasy adventures filled with magic, vampires, shape-shifters and other mythical creatures. I want to know what these dreams mean, why am I feeling restless and how I can best channel the energy that I have at nights and use them in the daytime.


New journal. Bought it for my Christmas present last year and haven’t actually started journaling. April 2016, time to start writing again.

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Letting Go

For most of this week I have been feeling uninspired and blah. Nothing meaning appears to be happening and the activities I participate in and the work that I do seem to have very little impact. So really, what is the point of it all? And when I could offer myself no tangible positive answer, I then immersed myself into considering, my next move, how do I move forward? This matter of moving forward and deciding on the next thing to do has had me so preoccupied, that the week seemed to have blown  and I did very little. This week I started reading, and paused, three books. I simply could not finish any of them. I did very little writing. I have been so lost in my thoughts and today (Saturday) I feel as if I have to confront the issues I have been having because another week of floating is unacceptable.


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Kingston Book Festival 2016 (March 5-12)

The Kingston Book Festival is eight days of events for readers,writers, publishers,booksellers of all things ‘bookish’-fiction,non-fiction,poetry and play writing. The Kingston Book Festival  is organised by the Book Association of Jamaica


The Kingston Book Festival Launch and Opening Night Reception (by invitation only) was held on  Saturday March 5 at the F&B Downtown restaurant. The first major public event will be the Love Affair With Literature discussion series on Sunday March 6, at the N1 Lecture Hall in the Faculty of Humanities and Education, University of the West Indies, Mona. Featured creatives on the Love Affair with Literature panel include, Olive Senior,  Mel Cooke, Vladimir Lucien and A-dziko Simba Gegele.

Kingston Book Festival 2016 Events Schedule

For updates on the events and activities, see the Kingston Book Festival Facebok page