Jamaicans Do Not Blog (and 5 Local Blogs I Am Enjoying Now)

“Jamaicans don’t blog” was the response I got from a local social scientific researcher when I recommended that creating a blog could be a meaningful communication option for a Jamaican-based Caribbean research institute. After this dismissal, the rest of the conservation was littered by roundabout suggestions of engagement with new media and social media engagement and  dismissal in favour of traditional media. In short, for me  the entire meeting was not fruitful.

But afterwards, it got me thinking of how so many of the local and regional blogs that I used to enjoy are now inactive. One of my favourite Jamaican blogs, On Orange Street,  was inactive for most of 2015 until a few new posts popped up in 2016.


Green is the colour of my home in St. Mary 

Consistency is one of the key elements of blogging. Creating content within a certain established schedule will be vital in building and keeping a supportive and engaged readership. Consistency can be hard. It takes dedication and planning. My Jamaican Vignettes is new, I have been writing these Sunday essays for just six months.  And as such I do not feel any undo pressure to recreate, refresh and deliver. However, I have been thinking of some medium and long term blog activities as I move forward. So far my weekly reflections have been  the space is for me to share my thoughts, aspirations, fears and concerns.

While I seek to build my small community here, I have found local blogs to engage with. Here are five active Jamaican blogs that focus on local and regional affairs:

  1. Petchary’s Blog
  2. Right Steps and Poui Trees
  3. The Kraft Korner 
  4. Bright Ribbon Grass
  5. Jamaica Political Economy (Grasshopper)

Petchary, Rights Steps and Grasshopper are presently doing a fun blog collaboration,  #AtoZChallengeJamaica, the last post was on J for Janga.

Happy Sunday! Be well, be blessed.



6 thoughts on “Jamaicans Do Not Blog (and 5 Local Blogs I Am Enjoying Now)

  1. rightpouitree says:

    Hi, Chantel! Thanks for the mention of my blog today! I’m glad you are enjoying our blog collaboration. I’ve recently started following your blog & look forward to seeing where you decide to go with your medium & long term activities. And you are right…consistency can be hard! 🙂


  2. Priya Prithviraj says:

    This is a great list, Chantel ! I enjoyed reading these Jamaican blogs. It’s wonderful that you’re supporting local bloggers. 🙂


  3. Keil says:

    The mention was a pleasant surprise: thank you. Consistency is a great challenge in blogging. The mind is hardly far from that treasured space. If only intent was all a writer needed!


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