Living An Amazing Life


Source: Affirmations App by annadriod

I am happy. Things are looking up and I am optimistic about just about everything.

It may be that the last three weeks I have been celebrating with family and loved ones as I shared in planning birthday treats and surprises. I may still be on a cake and sugar high. I simply feel amazing. In all seriousness, I believe that in the last few weeks of giving, celebrating others and tuning into only the best aspects of my life, that I have experienced a shift in my consciousness.

We are heading towards the end of 2016 and this has placed me in a celebratory mode. I am looking forward to Christmas.  All around me, department stores and shopping plazas are decked out in the vibrant green, red and gold of Christmas. Even the weather has changed, in Jamaica, it is so cool, perfect weather, I am loving the Christmas breeze. I don’t want this feeling to just be a passing mood. I want this feeling of goodness, joy, celebration and happiness to grow and become the very central energy of my life.

In the midst of the feel good vibrations, nearing the end of the year, 41 days to be more precise, I am also reflecting. The major life change for me this year was starting a new job. Other major life events that I had hoped to happen in 2016 did not happen. However, other small victories make me hopeful. I am paying off my credit card. I have gone a far way in learning how to budget and stick with it. I have been eating healthier (there was a small detour for my birthday, my boyfriends’ birthday, my cousin’s birthday and I am sure I will be stuffing myself this Christmas) and I now exercise frequently.

The main message I want to share with you all today and reaffirm to myself is that this life is good. It can be good. Look for the very best aspects in life, appreciate them, offer your gratitude and enjoy what life has to offer. We are already on our way.

Happy Sunday!


7 thoughts on “Living An Amazing Life

    • Chantel DaCosta says:

      I will try it out. Maybe not right this second. My phone is acting up. I had to reset it a few weeks ago. I do have a Gratitude app that has a hourly prompt to write what I am thankful for. I really should reset the alarm. Thanks for sharing Keilah.


      • Keil says:

        Hourly prompts… And here I thought once-daily gratitude exercises were – admittedly – sometimes challenging. When I complete the 21-Day challenge, I’ll look into the Gratitude app. You’re welcome, Chantel.

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      • Chantel DaCosta says:

        The alarm can be turned off. But it really makes a difference on days when I get stressed or obsessive over minor matters, when that alarm buzzes and I am prompted to realign my thinking and express thanks for the good aspects of life. It is amazing. When I get a new phone (hint hint to those who love and care). I will try the challenge. I also want to start writing out what I am thankful or start journaling my best highlights for each day.

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      • Keil says:

        Sometimes we need those little reminders. Oprah Winfrey has kept a gratitude journal for the past 10 years (so she says). Inspirational. I follow a YouTuber who’s into bullet journaling and each month she has a gratitude page. Up to her most recent video, she recorded 42 things she’s grateful for, so far, in November.

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      • Chantel DaCosta says:

        I keep seeing that term, bullet journal. I am yet to look it up and fulling understand what it means. I bought a Passion Planner. A huge classic one that is undated. And I hope to start writing and planning more next month. I did get a new journal/notebook for my birthday so I may use that for my reflections. I love the idea of the gratitude journal. Because for most of us, we have enough good things and amazing people in our lives that make our daily experiences better. But instead of focusing on that, the good parts we dwell on the bad and give that negativity our time and energy. What is the YouTuber’s name? Maybe bullet journals can help.


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