Celebrating One Year of My Jamaican Vignettes

On Sunday December 6, 2015 I wrote the first My Jamaican Vignettes article on Channillo. The piece was titled “Bra Straps.”  In Bra Straps, I shared that I used the straps from my bra as hair ties because at that time I had no hair ties. And sadly, I was also too broke to buy something as basic as a hair elastics. The piece was more about my struggles with overspending and not budgeting.  The article was not well thought out, or pre-planned, in fact, it was a segment of a journal entry that I pulled from my notebook. With minor editing I shared my struggles with being broke a week after being paid in November 2015. I am so glad that I have moved beyond that period of life,  and I can now reflect without anxiety, negative energy or shame. I am growing. So on this lovely Sunday close to a year later, trust me when I say I have scrunchies fort my hair and I still have money in my bank account. My life has improved since we started on this journey. Today I am giving thanks for continuous movement, growing pains and mistakes that taught me vital life lessons.

It is interesting to look back and see how I wrote and what I chose to share. In the year that I have been writing about my life here in Jamaica, I have changed as a person, my perspectives on life and what I believe to be important have shifted. These changes took place in increments, at a very slow pace. And by  writing these short posts about my life, my opinions, and, sharing the books that I have read, I have become a better person.

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One of the most interesting experiences that occurred because of this blog is how I ended up as Content/Features Writer at Global Directories. I interviewed for my current job in May of this year.  And on the day of my first interview, after brief introductions the person who is now my manager said she felt that she knew me because she read this blog. She asked me how my cleaning session went and if I was feeling better because the night before the interview she Googled me and read, Decluttering  and I Am Pissed.  Immediately the usual interview jitters disappeared and we started chatting. We had a genuine conversation and instead of the stiff Q and As and  uncomfortable lines about my biggest strengths and weaknesses and where I see myself in five years, Lisa (my manager) and I talked. We spoke at length about My Jamaican Vignettes, my writing style, my voice, and,  how my research methods and writing style could fit into the company’s new editorial and content projects. To me, writing this blog, simply sharing my thoughts and myself, being a little more open about my struggles, my joys and this journey got me my job. A job that I enjoy and I continue to be thankful for.


In my reflection, I selected my favourite My Jamaican Vignettes posts so far…and in no  particular order.  Here are my top seven picks.

  1. Bra Straps (because this is the beginning of this amazing journey)
  2. Gratitude Overdose 
  3. Adulting Christmas 
  4. Doing Work I Love
  5. Transitioning
  6. Reflecting on Life Lessons of 2015
  7. Learn. Grow. Give

Thank you to everyone who has  read, connected, shared, and commented on the posts. I truly appreciate the support.

Other WP bloggers that I am so grateful for being a part of the My Jamaican Vignettes community are:

Thanks guys for the continued support, it means so much to me to have you  like, and share and comment and cheer me on.

And a big shout-out to my biggest non-blogging supporter and friend, thanks Marsha-Gay for always reading this blog.

And to my love, my partner who is often forced to edit these posts, thanks for your never-ending support, your patience, your suggestions and willingness to listen to ideas and offer feedback.   Thank you my darling.



I have enjoyed my year of blogging and I am excited about what is to come in 2017.  I hope to have regular guest posts because I cannot be the only struggling writer/blogger talking about life in Jamaica. If anyone reading this wants to guest post please contact me and we can discuss. I would love to showcase other perspectives.

I am also excited about reading and reviewing more books especially Caribbean books. I am looking forward to more connections, and building our community.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing. Have a blessed and joyous week.



5 thoughts on “Celebrating One Year of My Jamaican Vignettes

  1. Keil says:

    I’ve probably mentioned it before, but it’s pretty admirable: your choice to be open about different personal struggles on such a public platform. There can’t be growth without some difficulty and that makes the journey sweeter: becoming better. Thanks for sharing, Chantel. And thanks for the nod.


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